Unlock new audiences and gain new customers through Pay Per Click (PPC) ad campaigns.


Your business now:

Giving up leads to paid search-savvy competitors.

Running disorganised (and expensive) ad campaigns.

Targeting the wrong people with the wrong messages.


Your business with OB体育手机版:

Dominating the top of page one for relevant searches.

Running segmented ROI-focused ad campaigns.

Targeting the right people with measured and tracked PPC ads.

Measured and tracked PPC ad campaigns.

Utilising Pay Per Click (PPC), we help you to quickly generate more enquiries or sales online. PPC enables us to set up strategic campaigns based on insight and data to get your website visible across the top positions on search engines by bidding on keywords and phrases.

PPC helps drive targeted traffic to your website with the main goal of increasing conversions with a real return on investment. At OB体育手机版 Digital we have PPC management specialists who write engagingPPC  ads that go hand in hand with a strategised keyword plan giving you results. We then manage your ad account refining the ad campaigns to ensure that your investment is yielding the highest return possible.

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PPC Reporting that makes life easy

The beauty of any digital campaign is that when set up correctly (and tracked through your website), everything can be measured so that we can make informed decisions about what’s working for your business and where your investment is yielding the greatest return. When we set up your PPC campaigns we will ensure that conversion tracking is set up on the ads and your website itself. We have in-house developers that are able to support our digital marketing team to set up any technical aspects fo conversion tracking. This makes life easy for everyone and keeps everything seamless.

We talk you through your monthly campaign report and explain all of the data to ensure that we build strong relationship with a collective ambition.

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PPC as part of an integrated marketing strategy

Whilst PPC is a powerful ‘pay to play’ strategy, we recommend that it is part of an integrated digital marketing strategy. Utilising other digital channels e.g. SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, etc, you can can quickly build a sustainable process for generating new leads/sales, building a brand and an online community. Our team of specialists can build and implement a multi channel strategy and then refine it through making data informed decisions to deliver maximum return on investment.

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75% of people say ads make it easier to find the info they’re searching for.

Search Engine Land

PPC visitors are 50% more likely to buy something thank organic visitors.


Search ads can increase brand awareness by as much as 80%.



What is paid search?

Paid search increases the visibility of your website on search engines by pushing ads for your business to the top of search pages for certain key terms. It is often called pay-per-click (PPC) or search-engine-marketing (SEM) and it can be incredibly useful in generating leads to your websites as most search users only focus on the first page of search results.

How can Pay Per Click (PPC) help your business?

Pay per click is for businesses who are looking to get a fast turnaround on leads by bidding on search terms in order to get on the first page of search results. Pay per click is great for advertising users directly to your business through specific targeting, it allows you to reach an entire new audience who previously may have passed by your site.  PPC advertising is like a fast pass for  SEO  by getting you first page results, but paid for.

Pay per click management gives you a clear, measurable ROI, which allows you to see what you’re getting from what you pay for; measuring conversions and calls from your ads is a great way to increase revenue.

PPC is also great for brand exposure.  If you’re looking into getting your name and brand around you can go down the path of Youtube advertising, Remarketing (advertising to users who have already visited your site), game stores and much more.

Pay per click is in the name, you only pay once a user clicks on your ad, the cost per click is down to the competition. You could be looking at £00.01 to £10.00 per click, it all depends on who and what you’re targeting. With PPC you are in control of what you spend, we just help you spend it correctly.

What are the benefits of paid search?

Paid search is a great way to increase the traffic to your website as it increases it’s visibility for search users. However, this is the most effective when curating a strong strategy surrounding the right key terms to ensure that you are targeting the correct audience and searchers so that your traffic will translate into conversions – this is where our paid search experts come in.

271% increase in digital enquiries

271% increase in digital enquiries

130 website leads generated in 1 month for Antser

130 website leads generated in 1 month for Antser