Engage your audiences, drive conversions, and tell your story with compelling, creative animated content


Your business now:

You are only posting flat, image-based content that doesn’t tell your story.

Your social media content isn’t getting any engagement.

Your social media posts are not growing your following.


Your business with OB体育手机版:

Your content is creative and engages your audiences through animated storytelling.

People are liking and sharing your content as well as clicking through to your website.

You are building a strong audience of brand followers who are interested in your products/services.

Compelling animated content that cuts through the noise

Stand out from the crowd with design-led animated content that captures the attention of your audiences. Social channels are flooded with static, underwhelming content which creates a huge opportunity to cut through the noise and bring your story to life. Our creative team of designers, animators and social media specialists will ensure that your brand, products and services grabs the attention of your customers and drives them through to your website to buy from you or submit an enquiry.

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I need content for my business

Telling your story to build your customer base.

Brands are doubling down on animated and video content as it’s proven to deliver better results than static content. Our multi-disciplined, creative team will collaborate with you to develop a social content strategy that encompasses video and animated content that showcases what makes your business different in your market sector. We handle the entire process from creative concept, design, and storyboarding to animation, editing and activation across your social channels.

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Video-based social media posts generate 48% more views.54% of consumers want to see videos from the business they support.

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54% of consumers want to see videos from the business they support.


78% of viewers watch videos online weekly, and 55% watch videos online daily.



What do you mean by the term ‘animation’?

When we say ‘animation’ we mean animated content, explainer videos, and blended live-action and 2D animation. Animation means bringing design work to life to create a more engaging presentation of your brand, people, products and services.

What are the benefits of animated content for my business?

Marketing industry statistics show that animated content and video content drives way more audience engagement on social media channels than static, image-based content. Animated content achieves a higher engagement and conversion rates thus leading to more sales and enquiries for your business.

Why partner with OB体育手机版 for animated content?

We have a strong team of creatives that include designers, animators, videographers and social media experts that collaborate to develop creative campaigns and animated content that delivers results. We bring your content to life and help you activate social media campaigns that put you in front of your customers to build brand affinity and make them buy from you.

What is the process of working with OB体育手机版 for animated content?

Firstly, we’ll take you through our onboarding process that welcomes you as a partner with the agency. We will then go through the following process:

  • Existing brand assets and content review.
  • Facilitation of a workshop to discover more about your business, define the objectives and identify the target audiences.
  • Creation of the content/campaign strategy.
  • Design of the storyboard and creative direction.
  • We then bring it to life through animation/videography.